Agenda For Board Meeting – Wednesday, August 18th

Kentwood Home Guardians Agenda
Monthly Board Meeting
Wednesday, July 21, 2021 @ 7:00 p.m.
** Zoom Meeting **
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Please note this is not our usual location

Call to Order and Brief Introduction of Board and Meeting Procedures. The Community is reminded that we have adopted the Civility Project’s Code of Conduct for association meetings.

SPECIAL EVENT – Board Candidate Forum – 7 pm to 7:30 pm

Call Board Meeting to Order and Brief Introduction of Board members and meeting procedures

  1. Community Comments (limited to 15 minutes; if more time needed, continue comments to end of agenda)
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Secretary’s Report
      1. Review & approve July 21, 2021 regular board meeting minutes
      2. Discuss plan for updating/approving unapproved draft minutes: 
        1. April 14 regular board meeting
        2. May 19 regular board meeting
        3. June 23 regular board meeting
        4. May 5 special board meeting
    2. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Lease renewal (3 years) signed & delivered to landlord
      2. Update re filing corporate documentation to facilitate bank replacing 2017/18 signature cards & removal of inactive officers
      3. Transfer of Treasurer finance responsibilities per Davis Stirling
      4. Update re 2nd assessments notice & amnesty offer
      5. Operations Manager to provide 2020/21 information to KHG CPA to compile annual financial statement
    3. Committee Reports
      1. Architectural Committee – update & report
      2. Outreach Committee – update & report
      3. DPR Restatement / Operating Rules Committee – update & report
        1. Committee Mission Statement
    4. Operation Manager’s Report
      1. Complaints Log:  update on providing access to historical complaints for DPR-ORC
      2. Status of processing collections from 2nd assessment/amnesty offer 
      3. D&O insurance quote status (dating to 7/20 advice from KHG counsel)
      4. Implementation of Records Retention Policy (adopted 5/19/21)
      5. Update re phone service transition
    5. New Business
      1. Review opinion from KHG attorney Jasmine Hale re:  DPR violations 
      2. Audit of 2021 KHG member communications and D-S requirements
      3. Election matters
        1. Yard sign proposal from Outreach Committee
        2. Weekly e-mail blasts to promote election participation & turnout for 9/18 annual meeting
        3. Increase election visibility/info on KHG website
      4. Motion to adopt
      5. Discussion of secretary position and what meeting minutes should look like
        1. Reference draft minutes for 7/17/2021 Board Meeting
      6. Kentwood trees
    6. Unfinished Business
      1. KHG Board password access to KHG digital assets:  as per Board votes 12/9/2020 (3-1) and 2/27/20 (4-1)
      2. Motion to approve KHG Digital Assets Policy and Procedures
      3. Review proposed timesheet and job description for Operations Manager
        1. Confirm weekly hours / KHG office hours schedule (virtual/in office)
        2. KHG President to approve timesheets
    7. Further Community Comment

Adjourn Meeting

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Access to the meeting will be sent out to our email list or you can email for the information. Please provide your Kentwood address in your email request. This meeting is for KHG members only.