Board Candidate Statements

Ballots have been mailed. Here are statements submitted by our candidates. Ballots are due in our office no later than Friday, September 17th at 5 pm. You can mail them or hand deliver and drop through our mail slot.

The statements below are presented in the order determined by a blind drawing of names.


Matthew Carvette:  I have been a homeowner in the Kentwood section of Westchester for 7 years.  My children are in school now (WISH Elementary and Friends by the Sea Preschool).  My family has roots here now and I would like to see my neighborhood flourish with more young families.  It’s a wonderful place to raise children and I want to be sure we are able to keep it this way for generations to come

Julie Zaller:  I live in Kentwood.  I’ve been interested in improving our neighborhood and have been an active member for over 7 years.

Erik Laykin:  I would like to offer my candidacy as a member of the Kentwood Home Guardians to assist in enhancing our neighborhood and preserving the quality of life that Westchester residents have come to expect.

Deborah Wettstein:  A Kentwood resident since 2018.  I’ve had the honor to serve the past 2 years as Treasurer on KHG’s Board.  Based on the challenges I see ahead for the development of Westchester and the emerging priorities for our Kentwood community, I would look forward to continuing to offer my financial executive background to help with:

updating KHG’s finance and administrative processes to streamline the use of KHG Board time and resources

continuing to employ smart financial discipline, which resulted in KHG foregoing a dues increase for 2021-22

leading efforts of the recently formed DPR/OR committee to make recommendations to the KGH Board on how best to modernize its DPRs and implement operating rules – the aim to better service the current profile of our membership, enhance property values, and support the quality lifestyle that the Kentwood community represents.

My hope is to be part of a new KHG Board that promotes transparency and civil discourse in serving its membership.  

Carolyn Epstein:  Our neighborhood has seen changes but the current status launched me into a sense of urgency.  Homelessness, trash, safety, crime and parking are a small amount of issues that must be addressed in order to reclaim the area that we know and love.

My family represents third and fourth generation Westchester residents.  I am a practicing attorney and have worked in business and law.  I have the tenacity to manage the difficulties plaguing our community and with the other Board members ensure Kentwood is a peaceful, safe, clean and healthy environment for our future.

Ben Bueno:  At my day job, I help companies define their goals and then build products and teams to achieve those goals.  When my family and I moved here in late 2019, I didn’t know why there was an HOA and a few years later I think most people I have talked to don’t know how the HOA helps them and is viewed as a nuisance.  I believe if the HOA exists, it should help the neighborhood in concrete ways, and if elected, I will work hard to figure out how the HOA can help all residents, not “get in the way”.