Full Election Report

Kentwood Home Guardians Election Results
Full Report
Election Held September 18, 2021
6 Candidates for 3 open seats

Number of homes in membership 3373
Quorum needed ** 169
Ballots cast 476
Name doesn’t match 0
Missing information 6
Unsigned 10
Number of ballots mailed in or delivered to office 476
Replacement ballots requested 18
Number of ballots cast at meeting (not allowed this year) N/A
Returned/undeliverable election materials 39
Unpaid assessments (but allowed to vote) 7
Invalid ballots (7 ballots; 4 misc.) 11
Received after deadline 1
Attempted to vote twice 1
No pink envelope 2

Congratulations to returning Director Deborah Wettstein, and new Directors Matthew Carvette and Carolyn Epstein. 

Thank you to everyone who ran. Please continue to be active in Kentwood Home Guardians. 

** Quorum is the percentage of eligible voters needed to conduct the election. KHG Election Rules

Vote Count:

Ben Bueno 161
Matthew Carvette 200
Carolyn Epstein 355
Erik Laykin 93
Deborah Wettstein 304
Julie Zaller 183

Write Ins:

Sean Lask 1
Melissa Remer 1
Alan J Robertson 1