2022 Board of Directors Election Results

The Association held its 2022 Annual Meeting and Election on Saturday, May 18th. The Board wishes to thank all of the candidates for submitting their names for consideration to volunteer to serve their community. The results are as follows:

4 Candidates for 2 Open Seats

Number of homes in membership – 3389

Quorum needed ** – 169

Valid White envelopes – 481

Name doesn’t match – 11

Missing address/all required information – 7

Unsigned – 12                                  

Replacement ballots requested  – 35

     Voted — 13

     Did Not Vote — 16

     Voted unpaid assessment — 3

Returned/undeliverable election materials – 35

     4 were replacement ballots                                                                                                 

     1 had already voted

Unpaid assessment but allowed to vote – 18                                                          

Invalid ballots – 32

Attempted to vote twice – 1                                                                    

No Gold envelope – 2                                    

Gold envelope only, no white envelope – 8

Congratulations to Chris Nella and Julie Zaller!!

Chris Nella — 284

Jonathan Richey — 103

Ben Bueno — 84

Julie Zaller — 345

Thank you to everyone who voted. Please continue to be active in Kentwood Home Guardians.

**Quorum is the percentage of eligible voters needed to conduct the election, 169 required as per KHG Election Rules.

The Board also wishes to recognize and thank our Inspector of Elections, Linda Kokelaar for her tireless efforts behind the scenes for the last couple of months. Having to track and administrate ballots for a large community such as Kentwood is a huge, thankless task, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It took Linda and her helper, Mandy Bell (a Big Thank You as well), over 7 hours to tally a final count.