ARC Volunteer Job Description

!!! JOIN THE ARC !!!

We are a 5-person committee authorized by the KHG Declaration of Protective Restrictions (DPRs) to review applications from KHG stakeholders for upgrade/remodel/new construction projects in Kentwood. The DPRs for each tract guide our process and reviews.


The ARC Coordinator (ARCC) receives plan applications and (1) checks for complete documentation; and (2) performs a 1st Review to note applicable DPRs. The application is then passed to another committee member for a 2nd Review and recommendation for approval/denial based on the applicable DPRs.


You might do approximately 1-4 2nd Reviews per month. You will review any comments/questions by ARCC and recommend approval/denial of the application. 2nd Reviews take approximately 30mins – 1HR. You will also participate in our monthly ARC MEETING (1HR). Your likely total commitment is 3-5 hours/month. Read more about our process here.

If our committee interests you, please email the ARCC at and tell us about your interest and relevant skills. An ability to read plans is preferred, but we’re open to training, too.