Grinder Development Update

Rendering Of Finished Project

The developer for 8521 Sepulveda Blvd. met with KHG representatives last week to present an update on the project. This lot is commonly known as “The Grinder Property” and is the L-shaped lot around the Jiffy Lube at Manchester/Sepulveda. This lot falls within the boundaries of KHG.

As previously reported, the developer is proposing 87 units with eight units set aside for low income tenants.  By law, only 1/2 parking spot per bedroom is required and this is what the developer originally proposed.

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A Preview Of The Grinder Project

I attended the Neighborhood Council Planning & Land Use Committee (“PLUC”) meeting last night. The owner of the property at 8521 S. Sepulveda (the former Grinder restaurant location) presented an introduction to its proposed apartment project. Below are my notes. There was a lot of information presented in a short amount of time. 🙂

Project Summary

  • This is an SB1818 project, which means that it is a high density project developed under State Law in exchange for leasing 10% of the units to low income tenants
  • The owner/developer is a family-owned company from the Valley; this is their first westside project
  • The owner was unable to acquire the JiffyLube/gas station, so the project is being built in an L-shape
  • 87 units are proposed with 8 units designated as low income
  • In exchange for the low income units, the developer is requesting:
    • An increase in FAR (floor area ratio = square footage of building to lot size) of 3:1 rather than 1.5:1 (double the allowable FAR)
    • 20% decrease in required amount of open space (6900′ instead of 8625′)
    • A Community Design Overlay (CDO) variance for 75’/ 5-stories
  • Ingress/egress is on Manchester with no frontage on 85th Place
  • 1000′ of first floor space will be devoted to two commercial spaces (required by law)
  • There is a 10′ slope change on the lot, meaning the height on Sepulveda will be 70′ and 78′ on Manchester
  • Parking is subterranean
  • There is a roof deck on the southeast side
  • Traffic Study is in process
  • State-mandated parking is 1/2 parking spot per bedroom (46 spots)

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Coyotes Are In The Neighborhood

There have been many reports of coyote sightings and animal attacks in Kentwood and the surrounding neighborhoods, as can be seen on this map set up by some concerned neighbors.

Coyote Sightings Attacks

Residents are being warned to keep their animals inside. Even small animals using doggy doors for access to your backyard are at risk. Coyotes can reportedly jump six foot fences from a standing position and eight foot fences with a running start.

Attacks are being reported at all times of the day and night.

If confronted by a coyote, it is advised that you don’t turn your back and run, as they will give chase and attack. Experts advise that you should face the coyote head on, waving your arms, yelling and/or blowing a whistle.

Under no circumstances should you feed coyotes. Feeding them lowers their fear of humans and is illegal. Please don’t leave pet food unattended and available.

To add sightings to the map, email Animal services can be contacted at 888.452.7381.

For more information about coyotes, this collection of resources has been put together by neighbors.