Proposed Community Plan Update Meeting

Do you know what a Community Plan is? The City of LA has 35 of them and collectively they make up the “Land Use” element of the City’s General Plan. These plans establish goals and policies to guide future land use and development within each plan area.

In short, these plans guide the permitted types of development in our community. They are used to guide the City Planning approval process for new development and keep it consistent with the community’s vision.

Our Westchester Playa Community Plan has not been updated since before the development of Playa Vista! I’m sure that we can all agree that much has changed since then.

The Planning Department is actively seeking input from our community regarding the update of our Plan. A team has already been out in the community educating people about the process and there has been one “listening” session where community input was recorded regarding attendees’ likes, desires and concerns about our existing community lifestyle and the future of the same.

The Planning Department is dedicated to hearing from different constituent groups and we would like to organize a KHG-specific meeting with the Planning Department team overseeing the update of our plan, if there is enough interest from members. With 3400 properties, KHG makes up a significant portion of Westchester and we think it’s important for our members to be heard on the future of our broader community.

If you would like to join us for a KHG-specific event with the Planning Team, please click the green “next” button below.