Draft Fine Policy Feedback

The Draft Fine Policy that was mailed to you in March 2018 was developed over the course of two different Boards and in heavy collaboration with our attorneys.

This project was initiated because on occasion, members were flagrantly breaking our governing rules and ignoring requests to refrain. This Policy is intended to be used infrequently, but to be available as back-up when members persist in ignoring association requests to refrain from breaking the rules.

We are seeking community input to make this the best possible policy to guide the current and future Boards. Please use the form below to provide feedback on the Policy.

There are four distinct sections to the Fine Policy and we are asking you to please add your questions and/or comments to the field pertaining to that section to make it easier to compare your questions and concerns with other members’ questions and concerns (think “apples to apples”).

Please also remember that your Board is made up of members just like you who generously volunteer their time to make our Homeowners Association the best possible association. In this regard, please keep your comments constructive and helpful. Thank you! We appreciate your contribution.