CERT Event Program

Kentwood Home Guardians Emergency Preparedness Event


cert dogDisaster Preparation & Emergency Response presented by Gregg Aniolek, Co-Captain of the NCWP Public Safety Committee

  • Anatomy of a disaster
  • Preparing for 7 days following a disaster
  • Local hazards that could lead to a disaster
  • Emergency response
  • Overview of CERT
  • Recommended emergency supplies
  • Other resources for preparation

The Role of LA’s Medical Reserve Corps In The Event Of A Disaster presented by Juan Cabrera, Emergency Volunteer Staffing Analyst

  • The genesis of MRC Los Angeles
  • The purpose  and role of MRC in a disaster

Activating Your Neighborhood Network In A Disaster presented by Dave Oliver, Co-Captain of the NCWP Public Safety Committee

  • Overview of the Neighborhood Watch Program
  • How Neighborhood Watch can be helpful in case of a disaster
  • Getting involved in Neighborhood Watch

Helping Our Senior Neighbors In A Disaster presented by Freddi Segal-Gidan & Carol Kitabayashi, Westchester Playa Village

  • Special concerns for seniors during a disaster
  • What seniors can and should do to prepare for possible disasters
  • How the rest of us can support senior neighbors in a disaster

Smartphones – Help or Hindrance In A Disaster? presented by Tracy Thrower Conyers, Technology Geek

  • Is your smartphone ready for a disaster?
  • Helpful apps in case of disaster

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