Fall 2016 Newsletter

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KHG 2016-2017 BOARD

President: Greg Melton
1st Vice President: Tracy Thrower Conyers
2nd Vice President: Ilan David
Secretary: Marion Koh
Treasurer: George Poppe


As you’ll recall from our last newsletter, KHG’s Operations Manager, Suzann Rogers, was out on medical leave. Suzann has opted not to return, but she left us in good hands with Audrey Melton, who will continue on as our Interim Operations Manager. We wish Suzann the best with her recovery and we know we still get to see her around Kentwood.


Did you know that we hold KHG Board meetings on the second Tuesday of each month? We would love to have you attend a meeting and share your views. You will find agendas for every meeting in the following places: (1) By email: Do we have your email address? If we don’t, or you’re not sure, please add it on our website at https://kentwoodhomeguardians.com/email; (2) On our website: Each month, we post the agenda for the meeting on our website at https://kentwoodhomeguardians.com/khg-neighborhood-news; and (3) At our office: We also post an agenda at our office – 8921 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. 102 90045.

The above means are how we post notice of all meetings, including special meetings. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about receiving meeting notices: 310.670.5111 or info@kentwoodhomeguardians.com.


In March 2015, a temporary zoning change was applied to Kentwood that limited square footage and other design features that could be applied to home remodels and new builds in Kentwood.

That change, by its own terms, expires in March 2017. The City has made a recommendation for a permanent zoning change and it is available for public comment until October 13th. Your Board urges you to study the proposed change and share your family’s views with our Councilman.

The recommendation is available at www.11th district.com/planning_mansionization_kentwood. At the bottom of that page, you can fill out a survey to share your views.

You can also write or call:

  • Councilman Bonin at councilmember.bonin@lacity.org • 213 473-7011 • fax:213 473-6926
  • Councilman Bonin’s Chief of Staff Chad Molnar at chad.molnar@lacity.org • 213 473-7011 • fax:213 473-6926
  • Councilman Bonin’s Deputy Chief of Staff Laura McLennan at laura.mclennan@lacity.org • 213 473-7011 • fax:213 473-6926
  • Councilman Bonin’s Westchester Deputy Anna Kozma at anna.kozma@lacity.org • 310 568-8772 • fax: 310 410-3946
  • Councilman Bonin’s Director of Land Use & Planning Tricia Keane at tricia.keane@lacity.org • 213 473-7011 • fax:213 473-6926
  • Councilman Bonin’s Senior Planner Ezra Gale at ezra.gale@lacity.org • 213 473-7011 • fax:213 473-6926
  • Contact Councilman Bonin’s office through his website
  • Contact Dept. of City Planning 200 North Spring St., #667, LA 90012 • neighborhoodconservation@lacity.org • Christine Sapponara 213 978-1363 or Giselle 213 978-1357


There have been many reports of coyote sightings and animal attacks in Kentwood and the surrounding neighborhoods, as can be seen on this map created by a neighbor in Emerson Manor.

Residents are being warned to keep their animals inside. Even small animals using doggy doors for access to backyards are at risk. Coyotes can reportedly jump six foot fences from a standing position and eight foot fences with a running start.

Attacks are being reported at all times of the day and night.

If confronted by a coyote, it is advised that you don’t turn your back and run, as they will give chase and attack. Experts advise that you should face the coyote head on, waving your arms, yelling and/or blowing a whistle.

Under no circumstances should you ever feed coyotes. Feeding them lowers their fear of humans and is illegal. Please don’t leave pet food unattended and available.


Have you noticed that Manchester between Sepulveda and Emerson is clear of RV’s? A group of concerned neighbors worked with Mike Bonin’s office and LAPD to get parking restrictions imposed based on regular health, safety and criminal violations witnessed by residents in that area. A big shout out to Kentwood residents Julie Zaller, Christopher Blatter, Tony Palermo and Tracy Thrower Conyers for their efforts in securing the signage as part of the RV Working Group.


On September 7th, a Westchester/ Playa Public Safety Town Hall was held featuring Council-man Mike Bonin and various law enforcement agencies. Below are a couple of highlights from that event.

Mike Bonin monitors social posts and hears what we’re saying about crime. He says that we need to insist on more officers for our area. Our complaints reinforce his insistence at budget time that we need more support. He’s working on a plan to institute a “constant staffing” model similar to what the fire department uses. Complaining on NextDoor is not helpful. Calls, emails and letters to his office are.

Pacific Division Captain Nicole Alberca wants us to know that Pacific Division leads the entire city in crime reduction. Our Senior Lead Officer covering Kentwood, Ruben Garcia, leads Pacific Division in crime reduction.

US Postal Inspector Gerry Ramirez says that all of SoCal is experiencing big mail crime problems due to meth and other drug addiction issues. He advises not leaving personal mail in home mailboxes overnight and not dropping mail in blue street corner and post office boxes after the last posted pick up.

Angel Gomez, Pacific Division Detective for property crimes, encourages victims and witnesses to stay involved in cases through trial or the criminal will go free. He also wants people to know that detectives carry heavy caseloads. They want to help, but can’t without evidence and active witnesses. He also wants us to know that we need to lock our homes and cars. A drug addict only needs $5 to secure a high, and will steal your loose change. He also shared a story about a local family who were gone 20 minutes and within that time, a girl crawled through an unlocked window and made off with $25K in valuables in 10 minutes.

A question from the floor elicited the following about LAPD response times: Calls are priori-tized – Code 3 is a crime in progress and the average response time with lights and sirens is 6 minutes; Code 2 is no imminent danger and the average response time (no lights, no sirens) is 18 minutes; Uncoded calls (barking dogs, etc.) have an average response time of 41 minutes. These are Pacific Division times and are all well under the average LA City times. 911 calls do NOT go to the Pacific Division station. They go to a dispatch center in the Valley and the operator may or may not be familiar with our area. Be prepared to provide additional details as needed.

KHG is planning a safety & security event in the new year that will deal specifically with secur-ing our homes and cars from intruders. Watch for announcements. Westchester crime stats can be found at http://maps.latimes.com/neighborhoods/neighborhood/westchester/crime/.


Do you know about the Moms of Westchester and Playa del Rey Facebook Group? It’s an active, engaged group of 2200+ moms sharing tips, triumphs and challenges. It’s a “secret” group, but Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista moms are welcome to join. Email tracy@ living90045.com for an invite.


wam-4xDid you get a chance to check out the 1st Annual Westchester Arts and Music Block Party on September 24th? Emerson Garden hosted the event and it included live music, booths with artisan products, food trucks, activities for kids in the garden and a big birthday cake for Westchester’s 75th birthday. By all accounts, the event was a big success and seems destined to join the 4th of July Parade as an annual community event.

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