Otis Magazine Subscription Scam – Beware

From Neighborhood Watch Lead Cyndi Hench:


Cyndi Hench from Kentwood North

SCAM WARNING – “There is a local scam hitting Westchester and Playa where people are coming to homes and saying if you buy a magazine subscription from them Otis will reimburse you. The ploy is that they don’t actually need the sale, they just need to achieve some point system and then they will be invited on some trip that Otis is sponsoring. However, they are walking away with credit card information and a valid signature saying the card can be charged. It obviously does not make sense, but someone fell for it today. Someone showed up at Otis with their receipt looking for their $250 reimbursement. Obviously the school knew nothing about it. They are concerned and want to get the word out as soon as possible that this is a scam.”

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