New Trend In Home Burglaries Noted

no laddersRobyn Salazar, Detective & Property Crimes Coordinator for our area sent out the message below. Contact her directly with questions.

“I wanted to tell you about a new trend that I’m seeing. I notice that the burglars are using ladders to climb in windows that are on 2nd story or roof windows. People often leave those smaller windows unlocked because they are so high up. The suspects will use the ladder that is in the yard or garage, or will climb on trash cans. This occurred this week at 7400 block w 89th St. Other burglaries were [in the] 8700 block [of] Falmouth Ave and 7500 block [of] Trask (this one we made an arrest on a suspect 3 days later). This is the third week in a row where a ladder or other object was used to climb into a higher window. If you can share the ladder/upper story window trend with the community, I’d appreciate it. Thanks! Robyn”
Contact info:
Detective III Robyn Salazar
Los Angeles Police Department
Pacific Detective Division
Coordinator, Property Crimes
(310) 482-6363
Hat tip to Cyndi Hench and WPDR Neighborhood Watch for providing the email.

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