KHG Election – Candidate Bios

We have three seats up for election on our five member board. The following four KHG members are running for these seats:

Vince Bertolini
Tracy Thrower Conyers
Greg Melton
George Poppe

Candidate Biographies:

Vince Bertolini has been a Kentwood resident since 2004. He is a former KHG Board member and has served on the Architectural Committee since 2009. He is a member and past national president of the Society of American Registered Architects. “As a KHG Board member, I would defend and enhance community value, protect the KHG DPRs and our neighborhood interests, and help KHG to be an example of good governance.”

Tracy Thrower Conyers has served on the KHG Board since last summer when she was tapped to fill a vacancy. Prior to joining the Board, Tracy was instrumental in developing KHG’s new website. Since joining the Board, Tracy has maintained the website, as well as serving as our Outreach Committee Chair. Tracy and her family have lived in Kentwood since 2002. “I have lots of ideas for using our website and other inexpensive communications tools to help make KHG and its Board more accessible to our stakeholders. I feel very strongly that KHG and its Board should be a voice for all 3300+ of our members.”

Greg Melton works in the entertainment industry and has a vested interest in a Westchester restaurant. He has lived in Kentwood since 1994. He has raised two boys of whom he is very proud, and coached in the Westchester Little League which he found very rewarding. “I’ve seen many positive changes in our community over the years as well as a few negative changes that I believe can be fixed or adjusted. I have a love for Westchester/Kentwood that runs deep and feel that my input on the Kentwood Guardian’s board would be of value.”

George Poppe has lived on Dunfield Ave since 2006. He is in the freight-forwarding business and is noted for his sense of humor, his community spirit and for driving a muscle car in the Annual July 4th Parade. “I think it is important to be part of your community and to make sure that it stays a family-friendly environment. People have invested their future in their homes and we all need to make sure that big business does not take over our neighborhood.”

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