Documenting Health & Safety Concerns With RV’s

A small group of neighbors has been meeting recently with Mike Bonin to discuss health and safety concerns related to RV’s parked in and around Westchester, but specifically on Manchester along Kentwood’s boundaries. He asked us to gather evidence of health and safety issues so that he can bring them to LAPD and DOT to press for extra patrols and enforcement, as well as restricted parking signs.

One set of signs restricting overnight parking has been installed on Manchester between Emerson & Kentwood, and another set is due to be installed between Kentwood and Sepulveda Westway. A request for additional signs between Emerson and Georgetown is due to be submitted shortly.

If you see health and safety problems related to RVs, please send a note to an email address that set up for this purpose: If you can capture photos without confrontation or endangering yourself, please do so and send them along with a description of what you saw.

If you see a crime in progress, please call 911. No matter what the outcome of your call, the incident is being logged and supports our claim that we need more patrols.

Questions can be directed to

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