Congratulations To Our New Board Members

Yesterday was our Annual Member Meeting and three board seats were up for election.

Here are the results from our Election Inspector Linda Kokelaar.

Vote Count Tally

Colleen Fracisco – 208
Todd Harris – 156
Aaron Torrance – 2 (Aaron was not on the ballot and was elected by a show of hands at the meeting)

The three new KHG Board Members are:
Colleen Fracisco
Todd Harris
Aaron Torrence

Total number of signed and verified ballots counted – 224:
Mailed ballots signed and verified – 201
Walk-In ballots signed and verified – 23

Ballots unable to count – 17
Delinquent members ineligible to vote – 3
Name doesn’t match property title – 1
Missing address/name – 6
Unsigned – 7

A big thanks to Linda and her assistants, Dave Pierce and Lori Erlendsson! And thank you to our outgoing directors Greg Melton, George Poppe and Ilan David!

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