Make Your Vote Count!

Voting for open seats on our Board of Directors is off to a rousing start, with mailed ballots starting to roll in!

We are seeing many mailed ballots without return addresses and signatures. Unfortunately, those ballots do not comply with the stated instructions and our election rules, and cannot be counted.

We want to be able to count your vote! Please make sure that you follow the instructions when mailing in your ballot. The instructions are printed on both the ballot and a separate insert in the envelope we mailed to you.

If you think you may have sent us a ballot that can’t be counted (or if you’re not sure), you can still vote by coming to our Annual Meeting. When you check in, ask if we have a validated ballot from you. If not, you can vote in person. If we do, have some lunch and enjoy our speaker!

Information about our Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 21st, and our speaker can be found here.

To help us with headcount and food, please RSVP on our Facebook event page or by emailing