Agenda For Annual Member Meeting – Saturday, June 1st

Kentwood Home Guardians Agenda
Annual Meeting of Members
Saturday, June 1 • 12:30 pm
Firestation #5 Community Room
8900 S. Emerson Avenue

I. Registration Commences and Light Lunch Served (12:30 pm)

II. Announce Quorum & Call Meeting To Order & Pledge of Allegiance (1 pm)

III. A Few Words From Our Board President

IV. Approve Last Year’s Minutes

VI. Call for Nominations From the Floor

VI. Close Nominations

VII. Introduce Candidates

VIII. Close Registration

IX. Count Votes

X. Guest Speakers

  • Ileana Wachtel – New Developments in High Density Building
  • Garrett Smith – What is the Neighborhood Council?
  • Kimberly Fox – What is our NC doing about Density Development? The Role of PLUC
  • Aaron Torrence – ADU’s: Pros & Cons and Related Rules
  • Fred Puza – LMU Construction Update

XI. Expo Re Community Events

XII. Announce Election Results If Results Are Available

XIII. Adjourn Meeting