Board Election Results

We had a great turnout for our Annual Member Meeting yesterday! A special shout out to our Operations Manager, Audrey Melton, for a smooth and well-planned meeting. An extra thank you to her husband, Greg, and son, Scotty, for the audio and visual components of the meeting.

The election results are in and here are the results:

  • 3 Candidates for 3 Open Seats
  • Number of properties in membership – 3373
  • Not eligible to vote * – 4
  • Quorum needed ** – 169
  • Ballots cast – 283
  • Name doesn’t match – 0
  • Missing address/name – 5
  • Unsigned – 9
  • Number of ballots mailed in – 262
  • Number of ballots cast at meeting – 21
  • Returned/undeliverable election materials – 0
  • Aaron Torrence – 233 (elected)
  • Christa Copp – 237 (elected)
  • Deborah Wettstein – 240 (elected)
    * Owners who are delinquent in the payment of their assessments have their voting rights suspended
    **Quorum is the percentage of eligible voters needed to conduct the election; 169 required as per KHG election rules

A big fat thank you to our Election Inspector, Linda Kokelaar and her team – Stuart Blashill and Sandra Butler! We really rely on our volunteers and with so many members, our annual election and tabulation of the results is a big job. ❤

Congratulations to Aaron, Christa and Deborah! They join Tracy Thrower Conyers and Melissa Remer on the Board. It’s going to be a great year!