Lot 87 Update And Call For Action

Recently, fellow KHG member George Festa updated us on the status of Lot 87, a lot dedicated as open space for public use when UCLA developed Tract 42416 in the 1980’s for faculty housing.

UCLA subsequently conveyed the lot to another owner and the restrictions were to follow the lot forever. The new owner subsequently put up a fence and has prevented public use of the property. You can find detailed notes from George’s presentation here.

Following the presentation, your Board of Directors adopted a two-prong plan. First, the Board will be drafting and sending a letter to relevant public officials. Second, we are also urging our members to submit individually.

You can submit a request using this online form. This is a suggested script:

Hello. I live in the Kentwood neighborhood of Westchester.

I request the City take action to make Lot 87 in Tract 43416 an open space by removing fences and ensuring a viewing area, as required by GCA No. 91-751918 and GCA No.91-751919, agreements which were recorded in or about 1990, and binding on all owners of this lot in perpetuity.

The current owner has fenced and developed the property for the exclusive use of the house at 7239 Kentwood Avenue 90045, in contravention to the recorded restrictions.

Please restore this lot to all conditions stated in the June 17, 1991 City Planning Commission document as described in:

Case No. DIR-2019-404-BSA
Building and Safety Appeal
6514 North Kentwood Bluff Drive

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


[Your name]

If you’d like to learn more about this lot and its restrictions, here is the controlling document from the Planning Department database establishing the zoning of the 86 residential lots with one view lot and open space lot (Lot 87).

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this action on behalf of all our neighbors!