New R1 Zoning For Kentwood Effective March 17th

The Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) governing R-1 remodels and new builds in Kentwood is expiring. It is being replaced with Ordinance No. 184811. The Ordinance assigns the new R1V2 zone to Kentwood. R1V2 and the other new applicable rules can be found here.

Please note that our new zone, R1V2, was called “R1Vnew” during the public hearing process. Don’t confuse our new R1V2 with the more restrictive R1V2 discussed at the public hearings. That zoning category is now called R1V3.

Are You Planning On Remodeling Your Kentwood Property?

Are you planning on making changes to the exterior of your home? Did you know that certain of our KHG Declaration of Protective Restrictions (DPRs) contain architectural restrictions? To stay within compliance with the DPRs, all stakeholders must submit plans to KHG for review and approval by the KHG Architectural Committee prior to Continue reading Are You Planning On Remodeling Your Kentwood Property?

Councilman Bonin Seeks Your Input On Mansionization Rules

Councilman Bonin is hosting a community meeting to get input on whether to extend temporary restrictions on “mansionization” from 45 days to 2 years in Mar Vista, East Venice and Kentwood. Each of these neighborhoods is currently subject to an “interim control ordinance” or ICO while the city updates the citywide mansionization rules.

From Councilman Bonin:

“This is a very controversial item, and I’ve heard from many of you on both sides of this issue. On the one hand, long-time residents and homeowners who cherish and value their neighborhoods are upset when existing houses are demolished to make way for large structures, often out of proportion with the rest of the block and out of sync with the neighborhood’s character. On the other hand, some property owners feel such rules diminish their property values by preventing them from building suitable homes for their growing families or by restricting their investment or their right to build as they see fit on their property. Continue reading Councilman Bonin Seeks Your Input On Mansionization Rules

Are You Seeing Oversized Houses Being Built In Our Neighborhood?

photo credit LA Times
photo credit LA Times

Have you been following the media coverage on the topic of mansionization in LA?

As described in this LA Times article, the term “mansionization” typically refers to developers buying small, older homes and replacing them with extra large homes out of character with the neighborhood.

Westchester, and more specifically, Kentwood, are no strangers to this phenomenon. Our neighborhood is a highly desirable place to live with lots of Continue reading Are You Seeing Oversized Houses Being Built In Our Neighborhood?

Trash Bin Reminder

The LA City Ordinance relating to trash containers states that containers may be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 pm on the evening before the day of collection and that containers must be removed no later than 8 pm on the day of collection. Three feet are required between bins when placed for pickup.

At all other times, containers must be stored out of sight, away from the street and behind a gate, if possible.

If a resident habitually violates this ordinance, such violation may be reported to the Sanitation Customer Service Call Center at (800) 773-2489. Reports are confidential and may be anonymous. For more information, visit the City website.