Are You Planning On Remodeling Your Kentwood Property?

Are you planning on making changes to the exterior of your home? Did you know that certain of our KHG Declaration of Protective Restrictions (DPRs) contain architectural restrictions? To stay within compliance with the DPRs, all stakeholders must submit plans to KHG for review and approval by the KHG Architectural Committee prior to making changes.

The process is easy:

  • Submit both a hardcopy and digital copy (via email) to the KHG office before starting construction (contact info here)
  • Your plans will be reviewed and a report sent to you within 30 days of submission
  • The report will indicate whether your plans comply with the DPRs, and include suggestions and concerns to discuss with your architect/builder, when appropriate

Please remember that the Architectural Committee’s job is to maintain compliance with the DPRs to benefit the entire community.

Please use the contact information in the right sidebar for help submitting your plans.

Thank you!

Your KHG Architectural Committee

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