Large-Scale Homes In Kentwood

In an effort to maintain the traditional character and halt the “mansionization” of our community, homeowners should be aware of the “Declarations of Protective Restrictions” (DPRs) agreed upon with the purchase of property within the Kentwood boundaries.

DPRs outline restrictions on size, fences, setbacks, approval of plans and more. All DPRs are posted on the KHG website. If you are not able to access the website you may contact the KHG office to obtain a copy of the DPRs for your specific tract.

It is the owner’s responsibility to submit plans and obtain the Architectural Committee’s approval for construction which affects the exterior appearance of any Kentwood property. KHG has created a form and system for tracking construction underway and has the authority to take legal action for violations.

Members of our community can report any potential DPR violations to the KHG Architectural Committee by contacting the office or using the form below.

Our City Council Member, Mike Bonin, has voted in support of the elimination of mansionization loopholes currently being studied by the Los Angeles City Council, but it may be some time before the city enacts tighter rules. If you observe construction in any area of Westchester which may be out of compliance due to size, please utilize one of the links below or contact Fred Sutton, Field Deputy for Council Member Mike Bonin, by phone at 310-568-8772 or email:

Other contacts: The City of LA Department of Building & Safety:

For issues regarding the public right of way, such as hedges overgrown onto the sidewalks, or trees preventing good visibility at intersections:

For issues related to the Base Line Mansionization Ordinance: Councilman Bonin’s Director of Planning, Tricia Keane 213.473.7011

This is a guest post from KHG Member Sue Piervin. If you’d like to submit a guest post, please fill out the form below.

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