Kentwood Safety & Security Report for January 2014

home security18 homes were burglarized in Kentwood, Playa del Rey, Loyola Village and Osage during January, 2014, according to LAPD crimemapping (this may understate the actual number since there is frequently a lag before crimes are posted).  Officer Chris Richardson, an LAPD Senior Lead Officer for Westchester, reports that following the neighborhood safety and security meetings in November, multiple arrests were made of burglary suspects. Alert neighbors noticed unusual activity and notified the police. During the last two weeks of January, however, a new rash of burglaries has alarmed the neighborhood. Suspects with stolen property were arrested recently. It is too soon to know if these suspects are part of a ring responsible for all or a few of the recent break-ins.

Officer Richardson believes that public awareness and efforts to be vigilant have the potential to significantly reduce criminal activity in our community. The best way to encourage the maintenance of this vigilance is through Neighborhood Watch: “We need to push for more Neighborhood Watch involvement in order to continue to make headway against these crimes. Ruben Garcia [LAPD Senior Lead Officer] and I are asking local residents to volunteer as super-block captains for Neighborhood Watch.”

Kentwood Home Guardians is currently forming an Ad Hoc Committee for Safety and Security which will work with our Senior Lead Officers to grow and help organize Neighborhood Watch in Kentwood. This is our neighborhood. If you would like to make a positive impact and help to maintain the quality of life in Kentwood, please contact KHG President Loren Davis at

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