Update From KHG’s Architectural Committee: Emerson/Manchester Development

There is a proposed project to build twelve single-family homes on the corner of Emerson and Manchester. The plan is to add twelve three-story homes with roof top gardens on a 19,000 square foot parcel. Each is an individual single-family home, the owner of which will be responsible for upkeep of both the exterior of the home and the adjacent landscaping. The walls between the homes are separated by a six-inch gap that will be enclosed to protect against weather, trash, and animal habitation. As a result, it will appear to be one contiguous building rather than individual homes.

These plans have been reviewed by the KHG Architectural Committee and a report has been returned to the developer with the feedback and concerns of the Committee. The developer also held a meeting on December 28, 2013 with adjacent community members. The main concerns of both the KHG Architectural Committee and the neighboring residents were: parking, refuse pick up, density and height of the project, safety risks due to increased traffic, overall visual design of the project, and potential impact on adjacent residences.

The Developer presented the project plans to the Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUC) of the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa on January 21, 2014. The PLUC Committee tentatively approved the project with the stipulations that: 1) the developer provide an environmental report showing that the site is free of any hazardous material; and 2) the developer explain how the home buyers will be required through an enforceable document to maintain the exterior of the buildings and common areas. The NCWP will review this at their next meeting on February 4 at 6:30 pm.

-Maria Warner, Architectural Committee

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