Please Report Trees And Bushes Obscuring Traffic

At some corners along busier streets in Kentwood, such as 83rd St, 80th St, or 77th St, you may have noticed that residents’ bushes obscure the view of oncoming traffic, creating a public hazard. Frequently these bushes are located in the “parkway” area of individual lots. This strip of land is owned by the City of LA.

In Kentwood, the “parkway” is an approximately 10-foot wide strip of land which borders lots and starts at the street curb. Most of the street trees in Kentwood are planted in this “parkway” area.

If you are aware of bushes, trees or fences blocking the view of oncoming traffic, please report the address of the lot to the LA Bureau of Street Services by calling (800) 996-CITY (anonymously if you choose). The Bureau of Street Services will send a complaint to the LA Public Works Enforcement Department which will open a case and send a notice to the homeowner.

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