Coyotes Are In The Neighborhood

There have been many reports of coyote sightings and animal attacks in Kentwood and the surrounding neighborhoods, as can be seen on this map set up by some concerned neighbors.

Coyote Sightings Attacks

Residents are being warned to keep their animals inside. Even small animals using doggy doors for access to your backyard are at risk. Coyotes can reportedly jump six foot fences from a standing position and eight foot fences with a running start.

Attacks are being reported at all times of the day and night.

If confronted by a coyote, it is advised that you don’t turn your back and run, as they will give chase and attack. Experts advise that you should face the coyote head on, waving your arms, yelling and/or blowing a whistle.

Under no circumstances should you feed coyotes. Feeding them lowers their fear of humans and is illegal. Please don’t leave pet food unattended and available.

To add sightings to the map, email Animal services can be contacted at 888.452.7381.

For more information about coyotes, this collection of resources has been put together by neighbors.


4 thoughts on “Coyotes Are In The Neighborhood

  1. On 8/25/16, at 5:35 am, I sighted a coyote on the grass along Nielson Field, near the intersection of Will Rogers and Bleriot. It was large and looked very healthy. It walked eastbound towards the main gate and disappeared into the bushes near the baseball field.

    1. Scott, be sure and send your sighting to the email address in the post, so that they can add it to their map. =-)

  2. There as been reports of Animal Control going door to door checking for dog license. Can the association contact them to set up traps. They are clearer in the neighborhood trying to make money. How about the do something to earn it.

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