Proposed Architectural & Zoning Changes Pertaining To Kentwood

It has been brought to your Board’s attention that some members of our community believe that the Board is undertaking changes to our Architectural Rules and/or that the Board is promoting a particular outcome regarding zoning changes proposed by the City of LA for our community.

First, KHG is not currently working to make any changes to its longstanding architectural rules. While it has been suggested that our rules could use some updating, please know that nothing is currently in process, nor will any changes be made without ample opportunity for the community to voice suggestions and concerns.

Please also note that at this time, KHG has not taken any position on the LA City zoning ordinances being proposed for Kentwood. We are planning a forum for education and discussion, but are not currently anticipating speaking in an official capacity on the issue, in recognition of the fact that our community is deeply divided on this topic.

Your KHG Board

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