Proposed Project And Presentation Regarding The Grinder Property


We received the email below from Councilman Bonin’s Senior Planner, Ezra Gale regarding the proposed multi-family development at the old Grinder property.

Please note that there will be an informational presentation on July 18th at 6:30 at 7166 Manchester Ave.

This is the usual Neighborhood Council PLUC meeting. Check their website closer to meeting time for the meeting agenda. The Grinder presentation may not be the first order of business. The agenda has not yet been posted, so we can’t provide a direct link at this time.

The email:


Thank you for reaching out to our office regarding the proposed development at 8521 Sepulveda, the site of the former Grinder restaurant. The Councilman has not taken a position on the project, values your feedback and thoughts, and look forward to a robust community discussion on the proposal.

As with all substantive projects in the Westchester and Playa del Rey communities, the project applicant will present several times before the Neighborhood Council of Westchester / Playa Planning and Land Use (PLUC) Committee.

The first such meeting, which will be an informational presentation, will take place on July 18th at 6:30 p.m. in the Westchester Municipal Building Community Room at 7166 Manchester Avenue. If you have any questions regarding the meeting, please contact Patricia Lyon (cc’d here), who chairs the PLUC Committee.

It is important to note that the project, as proposed, does not require any discretionary action, and does not deviate from required development standards through the variance process.Based on the project’s scope and scale, a traffic report is required. The purpose of the report is to determine the traffic impacts of the project, and identify mitigation measure to reduce these impacts. It is our understanding that the report will take up to four months to complete, and will likely be available in late 2017.

In order to understand community concerns, the applicant has committed to meeting either one-on-one, or in small groups, with those who are interested in learning more about the project and providing feedback on the proposal. If you are interested in connecting with the applicant team to discuss the project, please contact Tanner Blackman (

Again, thank you for taking the time to engage on this proposal.

Ezra Gale

Senior Planner
Councilmember Mike Bonin
213-473-7011 |

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