LAPD Senior Lead Officers

LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Joe Roberts joined us at our Member Meeting last month, filling in for our SLO, Sophia Casteneda. He reminded us that SLO’s are assigned to specific areas to liaise with citizens on quality of life issues.

SLO’s are able to call in reinforcements when needed, as Sophia did recently when her area (Sepulveda west to the Ocean) experienced an uptick in thefts from vehicles. She asked for support and all available
resources from Pacific Division spent an entire night‐time shift in our area.

If you experience a crime, the SLO’s want you to call 911 for emergencies and 877.ASK.LAPD for non‐emergencies, but to please keep them in the loop by sending an email to let them know what happened.

Sophia’s email address is You can also find it on our website’s Resource Page, along with other LAPD contact info.

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