Last Call – Proposed Fine Policy Comments

KHG’s Board is considering adopting a Fine Policy to address occasional members who refuse to follow association rules.

The proposed policy was developed over the course of two different Boards and in close collaboration with our attorneys.

The language of the proposed policy was mailed to members in March 2018, with instructions on how to submit comments and feedback on our website.

This post is to let members know that public comments will close at 5 pm on Saturday, June 2nd, to allow the Board enough time to review them prior to our June 12th Board meeting.

You can find another copy of the DRAFT Fine Policy here and you can submit comments on this page until 5 pm on Saturday.

As you submit your comments, please remember that your Board is made up of members just like you who generously volunteer their time working to make our association the best it can be. Please keep your remarks constructive. 🙂

We hope you can come out for our Board meeting on June 12th and join us in this important conversation. The agenda will be posted here on the website no later than Thursday, June 7th.