Agenda For Upcoming Board Meeting – Wednesday, July 17th

Kentwood Home Guardians Agenda
Monthly Board Meeting
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m.
Firestation #5 Community Room
8900 S. Emerson Avenue

1. Call to Order

2. Officer Reports

a) Secretary’s Report – review and approve minutes for June 19 meeting

b) Treasurer’s Report – review and approve June P&L

3. Committee Reports

a) Architectural Committee – update & report

– Motion to request initial letter of concern to 5 members regarding high fences
– Motion to request initial letter of concern to 2 members regarding unkempt or incomplete appearance of property
– Motion to request plans and to note concern about high fence
– Update on posting of ARC material on Google Docs
– Proposed Operating Rules for Second Stories, Minimum Slope of Roof and Definition of Finished Grade
– Update on approved plans, pending reviews and processes

b) Outreach Committee

4. Operation Manager’s Report

a) Lot 87 Update

b) Board training

5. New Business

a) Motion to appoint Tracy as liaison with KHG’s attorneys

b) Motion to appoint Deborah as liaison with KHG’s CPA

c) Noise complaint issue

6. Unfinished Business

a) Vote on Officer positions

b) Strip lots & strip lot reserve account

c) Outstanding Receivables Collection project

7. Community Comments

8. Adjourn Meeting