CONTACT OUR ASSEMBLYWOMAN – Proposed State Laws – SB 1120 & 902

In case dealing with our LA City Community Plan Update and all the density that the city wants to push on us with aggressive rezoning isn’t enough during a pandemic, we are also being hit with a series of proposed state laws that aim to blight our communities with unneeded and probably unwanted luxury units.

SB 1120 & 902 have already passed in the state senate are on the brink of being passed in the assembly, possibly coming up for a vote as soon as tomorrow.

These bills are part of a series of bills trying to resurrect the horrible SB 50 that we talked about at last year’s KHG Annual Meeting.

SB 1120 provides for “by right” subdivision of every R-1 lot into two lots. “By right” means the developer doesn’t need to ask permission from anybody – not the city, not KHG, not you as the neighbor.

Then the developer can use the local ADU laws to add an ADU and Junior ADU to each lot. That’s six units on the one lot nextdoor to you.

SB 902 is worse. It allows 10 units if the lot is within a certain distance to a bus or lightrail.

These units under both bills are luxury only and parking is not a requirement.

The South LA Alliance for Locally Planned Growth hosted a very lively and passionate town hall on the subject of 1120 this past weekend. It is worth your time to watch the replay, especially John Gonzalez at the 4:35 minute mark describing the details of the bill with very dramatic photos of before and after development. Find the replay here.

Please take a minute and email our Assemblywoman and ask her to oppose these bills. You don’t need to do anymore than use a subject line that says PLEASE OPPOSE SB 1120 & 902. Tell her in the message that you are a constituent in Westchester and that you vote. Easy peasy.

Her email address is

If you’re a calling kind of person, please call her field office and leave a similar message – (310) 412-6400.

Please call early on Thursday!
We don’t know what time the bills will come up for a vote.

See also, Critique of Housing Legislation Under Consideration by California State Senate & Assembly (dated 8/13/20)