Agenda For Board Meeting – Thursday, January 28th

Kentwood Home Guardians Agenda
Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, January 28th, 2020 @ 7:00 p.m.
** Zoom Meeting **
(meeting registration information at bottom)

Please note this is not our usual location

Call to Order and Brief Introduction of Board Meeting and Meeting Procedures

1. Guest Presentation: KHG Member George Festa

a. Lot 87 Update and questions from Board/members
b. This agenda item limited to 15 minutes
c. If questions remain, they can be submitted in the Zoom Chat to be handled after the meeting or during Community Comments agenda item

2. Officer Reports

a. Secretary’s Report – review & approve Dec 9 regular board meeting minutes
b. Treasurer’s Report – review & approve Dec 2020 P&L and Balance Sheets

3. Committee Reports

a. Architectural Committee – update & report
b. Outreach Committee – update & report

i. Committee is asking for authorization to submit a question to counsel regarding legally required mailings
ii. Committee is proposing Quarterly Member Listening Sessions to be moderated by the Committee

c. DPR Restatement Committee

4. Operation Manager’s Report

a. Kudos and Complaints Log
b. Collections/Assessment update
c. Additional insurance needs

5. New Business

a. Alyssa proposes a statement of historical recognition of racial covenants to be included on the KHG website and FB page
b. Alyssa proposes a change to the standing agenda format to invite members to submit questions via a Google Form that can be addressed at the beginning of the next Open Board Meeting as the 1st Agenda Item, limited to 10 minutes; if more time is needed then the question can be continued to be addresses during the Community Comments at end of meeting; questions from residents not submitted via Google Form before the meeting will wait for Community Comments time at end of meeting
c. Alyssa proposes that we include a direct link to Zoom open board meetings in our notices of meeting and agenda via mass email, Facebook page and KHG website
d. Alyssa asks if we have confirmed our Election Inspector and if we need to start conversations about getting that process going.

6. Unfinished Business

7. Community Comments

Adjourn Meeting

Please email for the Zoom meeting ID, password and call-in phone numbers.