KHG Is Hosting Councilman Mike Bonin May 5th

As part of our new quarterly Listening Series, KHG is hosting special guest Councilman Mike Bonin at a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 5th, as our guest listener.

This is the planned format for the meeting:

  • for 30 minutes, Councilman Bonin will just listen, in keeping with the designated purpose of our series
  • the amount of time KHG members can speak will be defined by the number of members at the meeting, as we only have a limited amount of the Councilman’s time
  • following the listening portion, Mike will spend 25 minutes either responding to what he heard or to make a presentation (his choice)
  • following his time to speak, we will have 25 minutes of Q&A, again defined by how members raise hands at the meeting and/or written questions we get

As a courtesy to the event planners and Councilman Bonin, we are asking members to use this form to tell us the topic you plan on discussing and/or asking questions about. This will help us organize like topics together.

Because of a certain zoom attack at the recent Neighborhood Council meeting where Mike spoke, we are not publicly releasing the zoom meeting information. We will send it to our email list just prior to the meeting. If you didn’t get an email announcement about this meeting, you’re not on our list. You can put yourself on our list here. Note, we cross reference names and Kentwood addresses before we approve anybody for our email list.