Agenda for September 21, 2022 Open Board Meeting

Kentwood Home Guardians Agenda

Monthly Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 21, 2022 @ 7:00 p.m.

Meeting will be held via Zoom. Access to the meeting will be sent out to our email list or you can email for the information. Please provide your Kentwood address in your email request. This meeting is for KHG members only.

MEETING RULES: NO audio or video recording allowed by attendees. However, the Board of Directors records the meeting to aid in the preparation of minutes. The recording is deleted once the draft minutes have been approved by the Board of Directors. As provided in the “Open Meeting Act,” attendees are permitted to attend and speak to the Board during the Owners Comment and Discussion Period. Please reserve your comments for those portions of the meeting. Attendees may not engage in shouting, profanity or other disruptive behavior. If attendees become disruptive, they may be expelled from the meeting. We are no longer taking community comments at the start of the meeting. If you have input into a particular agenda item, please forward your written comments to President Carolyn Epstein at Your comments will be circulated to all Board members prior to the meeting. Please email no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting to allow enough time to distribute and allow Board members time to review your comments.


  1. Officer Reports
    1. President’s Report (discussion only; no motion)
    2. Secretary’s Report
      1. Review and approve minutes for June 15, 2022 meeting
      2. MOTION to approve minutes
    3. Treasurer’s Report
      1. No Report
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Architectural Committee – update & report
      1. Properties for review (MOTIONS to act on ARC recommendations for each)
      2. Board request to ARC to reschedule their monthly meeting to allow more time for Board members to study their report ahead of Board meetings
    2. Operations Committee – update & report (no motions; discussion only)
  3. Operations Manager’s Report
    1. No motions; discussion only
    2. Kudos & Complaint Log
  4. New Business
    1. MOTION to appoint Suzann Rogers to the Board
    2. MOTION to hire bookkeeping services
  5. Unfinished Business
    1. None
  6. Community Comments
    1. Agenda & Non-Agenda Items; 15 minutes total; 2 minute limit per speaker
  7. Adjourn Meeting