Update On Emerson/Manchester Development

constructionPlans were submitted to the KHG Architectural Committee for a development with 12 single-family units on the corner of Emerson and Manchester. Following a plan review, the KHG Architectural Committee requested that the developer resubmit revised plans because the project did not meet the sloped roof requirements of the KHG DPRs and the height of buildings was questionable.

In late March, the developer submitted a revised set of plans including a sloped roof for each home, as well as an improved external plan which includes vertical wood and glass building panels to better delineate each home as a separate unit. As a result, the KHG Board voted to approve the project, as submitted, to move forward to the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (NCWP) for their review.

Although this project is a multi-story project, in approving the project, the Board considered that adjacent buildings are multi-story apartments, that the site had initial approval to build a 15-unit single family project and, ultimately, that this parcel could be approved for up to a 28-unit apartment complex, or a 32-unit apartment complex if affordable units were included. The Board voted to waive the height requirement for this specific property based on these factors.

In a letter to the Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (NCWP), the KHG Board noted that the KHG Architectural Committee had concerns which did not specifically fall under the KHG DPRs, but for informational purposes should be brought to the attention of the appropriate LA City reviewing organizations because these issues potentially did not comply with the LA City Building Code. These issues included traffic flow, trash collection, lack of guest parking, and density of the project. These are very important issues for the community, but KHG does not have authority to address such issues for approval or disapproval.

Kentwood residents will have the opportunity to voice their concerns at the NCWP meeting when this project is placed on the NCWP agenda.

-Maria Warner, KHG Architectural Committee

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