Agenda For Upcoming Board Meeting – Wednesday, February 20th

Kentwood Home Guardians Agenda
Monthly Board Meeting
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m.
Firestation #5 Community Room
8900 S. Emerson Avenue

1. Call to Order

2. Officer Reports

a) Secretary’s Report – review and approve minutes for regular meeting on 1/14

b) Treasurer’s Report

i) review and approve November & December P&L’s

ii) review and approve January P&L

iii) review and accept CPA Report

c) President’s Report – update from Enforcement Committee

3. Committee Reports

a) Architectural Committee – update

b) Outreach Committee – update

4. Operation Manager’s Report

a) Assessment Mailing – update

b) Accounts Receivable Collections Project – update

c) PayChex Payroll Processing – update

d) Annual Meeting Date & Roll-Out (calendar)

e) Realtor Relations

f) Questions/Comments submitted by Members since last meeting

5. New Business

a) LAX Modernization Presentation

b) Call for Candidates & Election Volunteers

6. Unfinished Business

a) Motion to adopt formal list of architectural plan requirements for property renovations

7. Community Comments

8. Adjourn Meeting