Update On The Draft Community Plan

As previously reported, the Westchester Playa Community Plan is in the process of being updated. The current draft is recommending very disruptive new zoning for our members along Manchester. You can see the draft plan here. Look specifically for the “Manchester Corridor Center” part of the plan.

Your Board voted tonight to send a letter to our City Councilman and pertinent planning staff:

  • asking for a 60 day extension for comments
  • asking for a meeting between planning staff and our community
  • objecting to the Manchester Corridor Center portion of the plan

You can find a copy of the letter here. We will update you when we hear back.

In the meantime, community members are encouraged to review the draft plan and direct questions to the Project Manager via his online office hours. Pick a slot at https://westchesterplayadelreycpu.youcanbook.me/. You can also find past Planning Department presentations regarding the draft plan here.